James Griffin at home

James Griffin is an Australian Singer/Songwriter, Poet and Spoken Word performer. His forty year career ranges from solo acoustic work through New Wave and Alt Rock with bands, The Agents and James Griffin and the Subterraneans. Along the way James has also co-written award winning and top-ten hits with other artists including The Black Sorrows hit, Snakeskin Shoes (with Joe Camilleri) and the Golden Guitar winning, Changi Banjo (with country star, Lee Kernaghan), and written and hosted, for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), many TV and radio programs about music, books and writing.


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Stories of the Lost Songs


In the summer James discovered a box full of lost tapes from the ‘70s in a shed in rural Victoria: songs part remembered but believed gone; songs forgotten, now back in town; songs never released, plus original master tapes of Vinyl albums and CDs long deleted by vanished record labels...

Now James is releasing all those songs, from his first ever recording (live on the radio) in 1973 through his many musical lives since.... and telling the stories here, in his on-line journal: Forgotten Tapes and Lost Songs from the Rusting Shed of Disappeared Guitars



Current Releases


Seven Songs

Seven Songs is the first collection from James's new archival release project, Lost Songs from the Rusting Shed of Disappeared Guitars.

"I'm really excited by this first tape. I found it just this year. It was just a 5 inch reel, unlabeled, in a brown paper bag. Nobody, not me, not anyone, had heard it since 1973. I'd totally forgotten recording any of this.... that there even was a tape.... and half the songs I have no recollection of writing.... or I had only a dim memory and a sense of loss.... nothing else, not even scribbled pages of lyrics. I was only 20 years old when I recorded these and the performances are very rough but for me, there's a kind of promise about the songs themselves.... they feel solid, they have intent, and I'm glad I've decided to share them...."



Black Crow Road

'Ever the consummate storyteller, James Griffin knows how to craft a setting and weave a tale. He draws upon life as he has experienced it, spices it with a sense of occasion, and then presents it wrapped within a unique brand of eloquent urban folk...'
Brett Leigh Dicks, Beat Magazine

After four years performing and recording with the Subterraneans, James put that band on hold and recorded Black Crow Road. The aim was to make an intimate, acoustic, almost ambient album woven around vivid lyrical pictures and stories, sung or spoken within simple, catchy and hypnotic musical settings. The music is created from an unusual synthesis of alt- rock, folk and minimalist avant-garde sounds and textures.



Songs for a Season at Ghost Town Bridge

Songs for a Season at Ghost Town Bridge is a combined CD and book of songs and prose poems. Through a mix of anecdotal magic realism, love stories, chance meetings and lives travelling off the rails, James has created a meditation that is at once humorous, ironic and serious and which offers a sophisticated, contemporary vision of the wide streets and corrugated iron of rural Australia.